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There's no reliable data on the exact supply of licensed recreational vendors, however the most recent estimates put the nation's supply of medical marijuana at 66, kilograms of dried cannabis. A survey from Statistics Canada showed that about 4. In an email to CBC News , a spokesperson for Health Canada wrote: "Based on current inventory levels and growth in production capacity, the industry is well positioned to supply product as consumers transition to the legal market.

Wyonch said recreational shops won't run out of stock immediately, but there's likely to be some obstacles as the months pass. When Colorado legalized recreational marijuana in , a similar supply-shortage panic hit many recreational marijuana distributors in the state.

Tom Brady was already the greatest QB of all time – now he's just rubbing it in

The question is when," said Toni Fox, a dispensary owner who expected her inventory to run out one week after marijuana was legalized. Other dispensary owners seemed to echo that anxiety. In a Daily Beast article about Colorado's legalization policy, reporter Valerie Vande Panne wrote that nearly everyone interviewed for the story said "it'll take eight months to a year for the supply side to consistently meet demand. Smokers who did find their local dispensary to be out of stock could have still purchased pot from two other sources: a medical dispensary or an illegal dealer, both of which will be options for Canadians in the coming months.

Big Think Edge For You. Big Think Edge For Business. Preview an Edge video. When marijuana companies began sponsoring these races and eventually started their own, like the Games , I wondered how many of these 1 percent douchebags were as high as I was.

Cory Booker opens White House run with call for end to marijuana ‘prohibition’

There was no question I was addicted to the experience, but Capital-A "addiction" is a difficult subject to articulate when it comes to marijuana and exercise—mostly because no one takes either seriously as an addictive substance. It bears saying: I know of no research looking at the addictive properties of pot, exercise, and music in concert with each other. Studies vary on the addictive nature of marijuana, and there are a lot of of semantics and politics involved in the issue.

But like Jared Leto shooting smack into his diseased arm in Requiem for a Dream , I was running on injured knees and ankles only noticing the alarming pain once the edibles wore off , listening to hours of music at a deafening volume, and eating so much cannabis I began to hallucinate.

Running A Marijuana Farming Business - The Highs And Lows Of The Weed Business

Running sites will give you advice on how to safely run while high. What I was doing wasn't safe. I was a lab rat hitting my drug button again and again, ignoring the electric shocks that accompanied it. When a girlfriend of three years dumped me and moved to Chicago, I found myself running long past exhaustion every night. This behavior came to a head when I ran the Ragnar Relay—a mile race up and down mountain peaks.

How cannabis could help you become a faster runner

As a city runner, I was intimidated jogging alongside steep cliffs that dropped thousands of feet, sometimes on both sides of me. These trails reached 12, feet above sea level, where the air is thin and often punctured by clouds. The race was broken up into three legs with a six-hour break in between each—short enough to prevent restorative sleep, yet long enough to prevent a sustained adrenaline drip. The first two legs of the race were wonderful: zipping through trees at sunset to a soundtrack of Beck, Little Richard, and the Flaming Lips, then again during a full moon at 2 a.

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But when 9 a. The thin air, which had been a fun seasoning to my ganja high earlier, was now mixed with excessive sunshine and heat, making me dizzy and unsteady.

This race was three miles of incline before any break, and no amount of edibles, energy gels, or Pixies songs could prevent my legs from locking up. I was grunting and stumbling along the path, looking like an injured villain in a horror film, chasing an unseen victim. I was only in more trouble when I reached the summit and had to contend with the descent. I was randomly passing or being passed by other runners, only aware of their presence a split second fast enough to avoid collision.

Risking my own health in the pursuit of a transcendent high was one thing. So I stopped, pulled my headphones down around my neck, and completed the last few miles at a slow, peaceful trot.

Woman charged with running multi-million dollar illegal cannabis business | Boston 25 News

There were no pixie-tingles shooting up my spine or cathartic blasts of emotion pushing me toward the finish line, just the steady clip-clop of one foot in front of the other. Pushing myself with running and cannabis was an aggressive pursuit of the edge, but while finishing the last few miles of Ragnar at the age of 34, I lost the taste for it. But there is no satisfactory summit of pleasure, only a ceaseless hunger to take things one step further. I worried that pushing this experience into full marathons and ultramarathons would be flying too close to the sun. Type keyword s to search.

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Today's Top Stories. Once the permanent rules are drafted, there will be an additional period for comment so that the rules are thoroughly vetted in a public forum. Michigan also plans to consolidate its rules governing licensees for recreational and medical marijuana businesses to eliminate confusion where the recreational and medical rules may differ or conflict.

States like Nevada have maintained two sets of rules, which has proven difficult for regulators to enforce and businesses to navigate. Michigan is also pioneering a new data-sharing platform to allow banks and credit unions to perform enhanced due diligence on marijuana businesses that apply for accounts with them.

Federal regulations make it difficult, if not impossible, for marijuana-related businesses to obtain even basic banking services. Since selling marijuana is still a federal crime and federal law says financial institutions can be held liable if touch money obtained through illegal actions, banks tend to stay far away from marijuana businesses. Even if a bank is interested in providing services, the U.