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It is a claim to authority over the truth. Now, sure, sometimes things really are what they are, but whenever someone feels the need to say so, I wonder: What are you afraid of here? What qualifies you to be the person who stops this discussion? To put an end to inquiry. To control a problem through a shrug. But things always change, and I say it is better to treat the statement as a transition. But as The Thing teaches us, it is not always so hopeful. They encourage our wonder, while reaffirming our fears. Because when your head is in the sand, it only makes it easier for the reaper to change his golf swing.

And maybe it encourages us to have a little fun dodging the scythe. This is not mere opposition. This is also why horror is discredited and denounced by those who see the entire genre as something threatening. They treat it as childish or whimsical nonsense and nothing more.

Not a Journal. | Small Beer Press

Because those Truthmakers have something to lose in the questions that such a worldview raises. But there is as much truth in nonsense as there is nonsense in truth. And fiction, especially fiction of the fantastic, is a powerful reminder of this. I write horror fiction to ask that very same question. So go ahead: tell me that it is what it is. Michael A. Arnzen is a college teacher by day and a horror writer by night. His latest book of short fiction, Proverbs for Monsters, collects the best of his writing over the past twenty years.

To get the special discount you need to order via paypal to arnzen gorelets. Filed under Guest Blogger. Arnzen , Tina R. What is a spirit rescue? Well, it is exactly what it sounds like. Helping the spirit to move on to its next plane of existence. Finding the lost souls and releasing the trapped ones.

#BooktubeSFF Babbles: Favorite SFF Short Fiction - 2018

There are individuals who have the knowledge, experience and skills to rescue a spirit. This practice also offers a sense of comfort and relief to the home or business owner who has an unwelcome guest in their midst as well. Filed under Uncategorized. This means that these people actually assist a spirit to move on using a variety of methods and techniques unique to that individual. Filed under Tina R.

Tagged as spirit rescue , Tina R. The Charge of the Flight Brigade final to download. Filed under Freebie Friday , Guest Blogger. Werewolves are the new hot, hairy heartthrobs. In many ways, the werewolf has always depicted the brutal side of male behavior. Are we reflecting a desire to find a wolf—or a golden retriever? And if the wolf is a little too scary, is a German shepherd or a pit bull good enough?

Yet in many ways, werewolves are traditionally more duel natured than vampires, because vampires never cease being undead, while werewolves are just like the rest of us except around the full moon. Getting gnawed on by a wolf, on the other hand, is more of a downer. Is there a point to this rambling?

Probably not. Just some random observations and a few unanswered questions. McSwan , undead , vampires , Werewolves. You read the book jacket or the back cover. It has to be brief to describe the nature of the book, but it has to be witty enough to draw the potential reader in. All within a certain amount of words or space. Well, at least one of my nightmares anyway. Yes, the dreaded blurb. How do I count the ways of how much I despise writing you?

Or better yet pulling out my teeth with a rusty wrench. I cringe every time I have to write the word description of a novel. Sure, I can agonize over it for days. Sometimes even lose some sleep over it, but in the end, I finally think of the words that I think give a good balance for the theme and the characters.

After all the books that my muses have helped me create, I hate to think of what I need to write. How much do you talk about the hero? How much to put down about the heroine?

Transreal Fiction

Will the reader get what the book is about even with the blurb? American science fiction author. Science fiction portal Visual arts portal. The Guardian. Guardian Media Group. Retrieved October 5, Los Angeles Times. Los Angeles. Tribune Company. August 17, Internet Speculative Fiction Database.

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