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We have implemented more than 70 reforms and initiatives to ensure and enhance academic integrity.

We will continue to monitor the effectiveness of those measures and, wherever needed, put additional safeguards in place. An independent investigation released in October found evidence directly tying years of no-show classes at the University of North Carolina to a scheme that helped hundreds of athletes — including football and men's basketball players — raise their GPA and stay eligible over a period of nearly two decades.

Pittsburgh Athletics

Nyang'oro is the former chair of the African and Afro-American Studies department. Crowder is the former student services manager in the same department. Boxill is a former women's basketball athletic academic counselor who also served as a philosophy instructor and director of the school's Parr Center for Ethics.

Men's basketball coach Roy Williams — who has won games in the course of his Hall of Fame career — was named once in the notice of allegations, at which point it mentioned that he was interviewed by the NCAA on Dec.

It will be because even its worst teams are pretty good. The conference is within striking distance of the record for tournament berths.

03/08/1998 ACC Final: #4 North Carolina Tar Heels at #1 Duke Blue Devils

That figure, 11, was achieved in by the Big East in its earlier, larger incarnation of 16 teams. Already, the A. The tournament expanded to 64 teams in and to 65 in and 68 in No matter what happens, numerous people familiar with both leagues agreed that the Big East of , which included eventual champion Connecticut, is not as good as the A. Tranghese is now a consultant on basketball matters for the Southeastern Conference.

As an example, Louisville Coach Rick Pitino noted that while a preseason news media poll picked Georgia Tech to finish second to last this season, the Yellow Jackets are and in the conference.

Boston College Athletics

How the A. When the Big East was formed in , the A. It steadily accumulated members, including several football powers that helped the league amass revenue, all while maintaining an emphasis on national-championship-level basketball. The team Big East, which had grown alongside other leagues after adding football, came apart soon after the season, and the diaspora spilled over not only into a new Big East — a team league with superb basketball and no football — and the new American Athletic Conference, but also to three different Power 5 conferences.

The A. Now it is the A.

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